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The Fisher-Price Collectors Club is a group of people who all share a love for the toys made by the Fisher-Price company. The group is quite diverse in what we collect, as there are so many different lines of toys to enjoy! Far and away, the most collected line of toys by our members are the classic Little People/Play Family toys, but there are many others to enjoy too - the vintage wooden pull toys; the wind-up music boxes; dollhouses and action figures; plus so much more!

It's hard to put into words exactly why Fisher-Price toys have such timeless charm to many of us. Perhaps it's the bright colors and smiles. Maybe it's the cute miniature versions of society. Perhaps it's reasons too numerous to list! Either way, Fisher-Price truly does have the power to brighten a rainy day.

Club Members, mark your calendars! Our 2011 Convention is scheduled for Saturday, July 30, 2011! Click here for details!
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  • May 2011:Collectors, mark your calendars! The 2011 Convention is set for Saturday, July 30 in East Aurora NY, the home of Fisher-Price! If everything continues to fall into place, we will once again have our Toy Show and Sale at the Immanuel Lutheran Church on Pine Street (from roughly 9:30 to 2:30ish). Our annual dinner is set for that evening at the Village Kitchen Cafe on Riley Street, just like in previous years. You will be getting invitations in the mail with more information. Start making your plans! Click here to see the webpage for the 2011 Convention.

  • March 2011: The Late Winter/Spring edition of the Gabby Goose was mailed out - everyone check your mailboxes! Also we have a day set for our get-together for the summer of 2011 - Saturday July 30th in East Aurora, NY! We hope to have a sale again, plus our dinner. More details to come!

  • January 2011: Finally got up a bunch of photos of our July 2010 convention - Check it out!. Also I put up a page for the 2011 convention. So when plans start coming together, information can be found there. The Weekly chat sessions (Tuesdays at 9:00) are going on - the link is in the Gabby Goose newsletter.

  • Mid September, 2010: Collectors, check your mailboxes! It's that time of year - the Fall edition of the Gabby Goose was mailed out, filled with fun photos from our annual convention in July! We are also discussing starting a Facebook page - more info coming on that later.

  • August 3, 2010: What a great weekend!! The Annual Toy Show and Sale (July 24th) went really well, and the dinner was fun as always, too! I'll be getting details and photos up soon!

  • July 16: For any club members who need a map to see where the dinner and sale are, Click here!

  • July 2, 2010: Hey Club Members! Our plans for our 2010 Get-Together are set for July 24, 2010! There will be a Toy Sale, as well as the annual dinner. Jacquie mailed out the reservations for the club dinner - send back your RSVP soon so we know if we will have enough people for a buffet, or just order off the menu! The Toy Show and Sale is also set on July 24th from 9:00 to 3:00, at the Immanuel Lutheran Church at 43 Pine Street, East Aurora NY. Also mailed out were membership info and dues for next year - send those back to Jacquie!

  • May 11, 2010: We are starting to make plans for the summer get-together for the club - a new webpage for information can be found here. We are working on having a Toy Show and Sale, but we'll probably do a meal (luncheon or dinner) for sure. Watch this website for more info as it comes!

  • Early May, 2010: The Gabby Goose was mailed out - Collectors check your mailboxes!

  • February 2010: While snowed in during a blizzard, I was bored so I tried to add a slideshow of some favorite toys - hope my web skills are good enough to make this work! Click here to skip down the page to see it! Also we are continuing the Weekly chat sessions, now at 9:00 pm on Tuesdays. Check the last issue of the Gabby Goose for the Chatzy link.

  • Early December 2009: Collectors, check your mailboxes! The Winter issue of the Gabby Goose was mailed out in early December. Many thanks as always to Diane and Jacquie for all their work in putting it together!

  • August 29, 2009: Our luncheon was on Saturday August 29th, and we had a great time! Quite a few of us were able to attend, and it was great seeing everyone this year. Hope to get up a webpage about what we did.

  • August 2009: The Summer issue of the Gabby Goose was mailed out! For anyone going to the August 29th Luncheon that needs East Aurora info and directions, Click here for an updated map for 2009.

  • July 2009: CLUB MEMBERS - PLEASE READ! Collectors, check your mailboxes! Club renewal forms were mailed out at the end of July. Also included is information about attending our annual get-together. This year it's pretty simply - a luncheon on Saturday August 29th at 1:00 pm at the Village Kitchen Cafe in East Aurora NY. We will order off the menu. We will also be doing the annual raffle, plus giving out the Caring and Sharing Award. Club Members, send back your forms to Jacquie by August 15th, so we know who's coming and how many people to include in the reservations! Click here for more info.

  • June 2009: Sad news to report - The Fisher-Price Collectors Club will not be having an Antique Toy Show and Sale this year. Like the two frowning Little People shown here, we aren't happy about it, but alas there were many reasons for this decision.

  • May 2009: More sad news to report - the Toytown Museum on Girard Steet in East Aurora has closed, and it appears this is permanent. They may be looking for another location, but it remains to be seen what happens next. A huge loss to toy collectors everywhere.

  • May 2009: The Spring Gabby Goose newsletter was mailed - collectors, check your mailboxes!

  • March 2009: Good news!! In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Little People, Fisher-Price has produced 4 new commemorative toys, in a retro style in remembrance of the classic Little People. They are called the "Little People Play 'n Go", and the 4 new toys are a house, fire station, farm, and school house. The new toys have a base made of light-weight plastic and tin, with plastic Little People and some accessories. Sadly the Little People figures are large and chunky, but alas, that's how things are made in current times for safety reasons. Nice to see the vintage Little People being remembered today!

  • December 2008: The Winter Gabby Goose Newsletter was mailed out - check it out!

  • August 2008: Our annual convention was held over the weekend of August 22-24, 2008, in East Aurora NY. Click here to see photos! It was a fun time for all!

  • Join the Club - Come and join the Fisher-Price Collectors Club!
  • Our Toy Sale - Most years, the club holds an annual antique toy show and sale. Hoping to buy some vintage toys? Click here to read all about it!
  • 2010 Convention - Click to see the fun we had at our August 2010 Convention in East Aurora, NY
  • 2011 Convention - See Info about the 2011 Convention!
  • Our Club's Mission and Goals - click to see what the club's purpose and what we hope to accomplish.
  • East Aurora Info - Click to see maps and hotels information about East Aurora, NY - the home of Fisher-Price toys, and our convention!
  • Club Member Memorials - We keep these members of the club dear to our hearts, and their memory alive.

  • Overview of Toys - See all the lines of Fisher-Price toys we enjoy collecting. Wooden pull toys, Little People, music boxes - and more!
  • The Adventure People - Read about the Adventure People, produced from 1974 until 1985! We have a Figures Guide, showing over 75 different Adventure People!
  • Pull Trains - See the many different Fisher-Price pull Trains! From Looky Chug-Chug to Toot-Toot!
  • The Clocks (Coming someday!) - We plan to write a page to showcase all the Fisher-Price Music Tick-Tock and Teaching Clocks.
  • Fisher-Price Toy Collecting Guide Books (NEW!) - Here are some of the popular Fisher-Price toy collecting books. We look at Brad Cassity's book from 2000 (the "yellow book"), plus two books written by Fox and Murray (the "purple book" and the "tan book").
  • The Little People! (Coming someday I hope!) - Got to write something about our all-time favorite toys!

  • The members of our club collect many different types of Fisher-Price toys. The Classic Little People Toys are the most collected toys in our club, with wooden pull toys and musical wind-up ones also very valued. Original boxes and unopened and mint condition toys are any collector's favorites! But we have many other toys that some of our members love - the Adventure People, The Dollhouse Decorator sets, The Chunky Little People, commenorative toys and replicas, Huskys, Peek-A-Blocks, Great Adventures, Rescue Heroes, the list goes on!

    So sit on back and watch a slideshow of some of our favorite toys and sets!

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